Gillettes are among the most specially designed products in the market that work with a specific strategy of making so much money using only one part of the entire tool. People have a regular monetary loss on the shaving tools every time they buy a new razor which continues being more and more costly as they replace the blades. It is, however, exciting that one gets several razor blades when they buy the entire set and therefore save some reasonable amount in the process. The user, yet, has to replace the razor blades more often with time even though they reuse the handle which makes the tool cost effective especially when it comes to the razor blade cartridge refills. The razors, however, wear out and therefore need to be replaced more consistently which most people find costly and overwhelming.

The average razor blade user in the world replaces their cartridges approximately after every two weeks which brings a total of several hundreds of dollars annually. The money is not inclusive of other complementary rates such as the handles, and shaving creams as well as aftershave products. It is with such enormous costs that most people incur in the process that pushes them onto the journey of getting the value of their money. It is therefore essential to squeeze as much life as one can from the razor blades before replacing them. By so doing, one uses fewer blades every year which in the long run reduces the rates they incur considerably. Learn more about razors here:

Shaving when the hair is wet is one f the most crucial ways of extending the life of a razor blade. The strands of hair become softer when they absorb water which explains why one should form the habit if shaving during or just before they shower by wetting the area with warm water. Using a warm and damp towel to relax before the shave is also an easy and ideal idea while the shaving cream helps to lock in more moisture while preventing the hair and whiskers from drying out during the shave.

It is also vital to thoroughly dry out the razor blade after every use and shave before storing to prevent it from going dull due to oxidation. Leaving the razor blade with water for a long time makes it corrode after that making it blunt and jagged. Learn more here:
Essential Tips and Guidelines on How to Extend the Life of a Razor Blade Today